A National Science Foundation-sponsored workshop occurred May 17-19, 2013 in Norman, OK on "Scientific Drilling and the Evolution of the Earth System: Climate, Biota, Biogeochemistry, and Extreme Events." This workshop aims to 1) develop a community of researchers interested in using scientific drilling for sedimentary targets to address questions of Earth System evolution, and 2) offer these researchers direction on how to proceed-- e.g. how to develop a compelling drilling proposal, logistical issues to consider, funding sources to approach, etc.

We are preparing a workshop report, part of which will highlight the many drilling targets proposed by workshop proponents in various "preproposals" submitted prior to the workshop. We are still accepting prepropsals up to July 31, 2013. Proponents can view examples of preproposals here. Please email preproposals as a pdf document to Lynn Soreghan (University of Oklahoma) at lsoreg@ou.edu.

Preproposals should be a maximum of 3 pages (not including references) and identify a viable continental scientific drilling target that addresses fundamental problems of scientific importance in the areas of paleoclimate, earth history, stratigraphy, paleoecology and/or paleobiology from any interval of Earth History. All proposals should briefly address the following criteria:

- Location and age of target deposits
- Compelling science issue(s)/hypotheses to be addressed by drilling, focusing on topics in
paleoclimate,paleoenvironments, paleobiology, and/or extreme events
- Stratigraphic completeness, continuity and resolution
- Existence of baseline stratigraphic, and paleontologic data
- Existence of, or potential to collect, supporting data from correlative outcrops, geophysics or prior drilling
- Existence of, or potential to collect, a robust age model through the target interval
- Challenges to drilling the site and obtaining subsurface information (e.g., suitable terrain for site-survey geophysics)
- Access for drilling equipment
- Permitting issues
- Complexity of operations, local impact/cooperation (community and environmental)


Click here for the workshop preproposals (pdf).

Scientific Drilling and the Evolution of the Earth System:
Climate, Biota, Biogeochemistry, and Extreme Events

Conveners: Lynn Soreghan and Andrew Cohen

May 17-19, 2013
Norman, Oklahoma

Continental Scientific DrillingWorkshopSeries
Post-Workshop Pre-Proposal Instructions

Pre-proposals Accepted
Until July 31, 2013

Lynn Soreghan
University of Oklahoma
Andy Cohen
University of Arizona
Workshop Dates
May 17-19, 2013
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